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Professional Recording Services

If you are serious about your sound Cali Funxion Records can help you deliver the quality sound your music deserves.  It all starts with a professional recording.

Vocal Production

Our vocal production room has double thick walls, high ceilings, as well as acoustic treatment.    Cali Funxion Records gets that warm present sound made famous on so many of your favorite records with a world class vocal chain.  We have top notch microphones including a U87.  Next in the chain is a Neve 1073 SPX for warmth and light eq.  We also utilize an 1176 compressor on insert in the Neve to let vocalists push their sound without peaking.  Once in the box we typically record straight through Autotune and a softtube CL1B for that final polish!

Multi Instrument Recording

With multiple isolation rooms and tons of outboard gear full bands are able to record live off the floor at the same time.  We have multiple mic options for drums and amps.  We also have experience recording brass, horns, wood winds and more.  Whatever instruments you want on the track, we will capture a quality sound.

In addition to  recording we offer music mixing services and music mastering services.

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